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While government and non-profits fund Basic Research, and drug developers fund Clinical Research, there is very little funding for Translational Research

Why Is There A "Valley of Death"

"Everyone who cares about getting better treatments to patients sooner should be concerned about the lack of therapies that reach the stage of clinical testing.”

Crossing the Valley of Death, FasterCURES, The Milken Institute

Halo raises money to fund a translational research project evaluated by a committee of experts for its clinical and commercial potential 

Helps Us Cross The Valley

Researcher executes research project according to plan submitted with application.

Donate to Research Project


Once you donate, you receive updates on the progress of the research - what worked, what didn't work and what the next steps are


Conducts Research 

You can contribute any amount toward the fundraising goal. 100% of your contribution pays for the cost of the research project




Receive Updates on Progress

Apply for Halo Grant

Researcher applies for a grant to fund a research project. If accepted, Halo launches a fundraising campaign to support the grant. 

Achieve Milestone

If the project is a success, the discovery can attract additional funding from other sources and continue to move forward

Advance Discovery

Know that you made a difference in helping advance a discovery that would have otherwise fallen to the valley of death 

Cross the Valley!


"I'm a big fan of Halo's mission to provide funding for promising medical research."

Jane Metcalfe



"Halo was created so that promising discoveries had a fighting chance to make it across the valley."

Jonathan Thon, PhD

Faculty Member

Harvard Medical School

"Halo is certainly the most interesting thing I've seen in awhile. There are always more worthy projects than available funding."

Karthik Gopalakrisnan, PhD

Associate Director

Duke University

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